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The 4 Best Desks With USB Ports for Gaming Gear

Crawling down the desk with your business attire or during a tough game isn’t the best scenario, isn’t it? But you need that USB port, so what will you do?

Well, how about getting a desk with a USB port? You’ll have it within reach, and you won’t have to suffer from the CPU’s outlets anymore. Not to mention, you’ll be able to use all your gear, no matter how short the cables are.

Here’s a roundup of the best desks with USB ports on the market, so you can finish your gaming or working day without having to do any crawling!

1. Rolanstar Computer Desk with Storage Shelves

When it comes to convenience, the Rolanster computer desk is hard to match. It has two USB ports for your gaming equipment, and it includes built-in wire management to make your life easier. Not only that, but it also has storage shelves, so you can find a place for your books and belongings without stealing the desk’s space.

The desk features a rigid metal frame that’ll take a lot of abuse before showering the tiniest scratch. It’s also highly durable, so you won’t be replacing the desk anytime soon. The desk comes unassembled, but you’ll receive an instruction manual with clear steps and illustrations for a smooth assembly.

You’ll also get four adjustable feet pads with the desk for leveling. They’ll keep the desk’s legs from scratching your floor or messing with your carpeting.

The desk is available in 47 and 55 inches sizes, so you can choose according to your working gear. The storage shelves will also be enough to hold all your hardware and games.


  • Storage shelves available
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Moderate price


  • Not fit for small spaces

2. Sedeta Gaming Desk

If you’re looking for a new gaming desk with a USB port, the Sedeta may be your best bet. Aside from its affordable price among market options, it packs a lot of features to improve your gaming experience.

For one, it comes fully equipped with a headset hook, a shelf for your monitor, and a cup holder. So you don’t only have room for your gaming gear, but for your fun gear as well.

The monitor stand is ergonomically designed to keep your sight comfortable, and it’s at just the right distance from the mouse and keyboard. If you have issues with finding a proper seating position, the desk will help you maintain a healthy stance.

The desk is 47.2 inches wide, offering enough space for a PC, a monitor, a PS4, and a gamepad. And of course, the keyboard, mouse, and basic essentials.

The desk has two USB ports and three outlets, so you have all the plugs you need within reach. On top of that, it has a steel tube frame that’s highly sturdy and stable; I doubt you’ll see any signs of wearing out before at least a decade of using it.

The top surface is made of PVC, which is highly durable as well.


  • Multi-functioning as a gaming desk and a workstation
  • Moderately affordable compared to similar market options
  • Highly durable steel tube frame


  • Some users mentioned the assembly is a bit challenging

3. CO-Z Height Adjustable Computer Desk with USB Charging Station

If you’re one of the folks who prefer standing desks, CO-Z may have just made the perfect desk for you. Its height is adjustable anywhere from 27.5 to 45.3 inches, so you have the choice to work sitting or standing.

The desk comes fully equipped with an LED control panel and preset keys for manual control. You’ll be able to store your preferred heights, so the desk adjusts itself automatically without forcing you to input the height every time you change it. The 70W motor also works quietly, so you can adjust the desk without alerting everyone around you.

The desk has a USB charging station with two ports, and it features a standard outlet and cable management under the desk. That way, you can work on a neat desk without crowding your workspace with wires.

The desk is highly durable, made of industrial-grade steel, and coated for extra protection. It’s also corrosion-resistant, so you can rest assured if you happen to spill any drink on the desk.


  • 220-pound weight capacity
  • Four-foot pads to protect the carpeting under the desk
  • Adjustable height for both sitting and standing desks


  • On the expensive side of the market

4. Rolanstar Computer Desk with Power Outlet

Here’s another impressive Rolanster desk on our list, and it’s the most affordable one in this roundup. Except that this one has no storage shelves, and it offers a different aesthetic overall. It has a headset hook, a cup holder, and a storage bag for your messy belongings.

The desk has two USB ports and two standard outlets. Plus, it comes with built-in wire management to keep your workspace tidy and neat.

The desk is available in 39, 47, 55, and 63 inches sizes. That’s double the sizes available of the other Rolanster desk, which is impressive. Whether you’re getting the desk for gaming, working, or even writing, you’ll find the suitable size for you.

The desk comes unassembled, but you’ll receive detailed instructions to make the process easier for you. Plus, the desk comes fully equipped with an L Allen wrench and four feet pads for assembly.


  • Highly affordable compared to market options
  • Side storage bag included for papers and books
  • Four different sizes available to suit all needs


  • Some users reported the desk’s bolts are a bit flimsy

The Final Verdict

The Rolanstar Computer Desk is our top choice when it comes to desks with USB ports. It’s well-built to withstand tough use, and it’s highly stable on any flooring. Not to mention, the storage shelves make it all the more convenient for users.

It’ll let you work in a neat place without having to throw your gear messily around.

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