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Selecting a Green Office Chair: Here Are All the Lush Tones!

Many people go for neutral colors when they decorate their office spaces. That’s primarily to dodge the gaffs that occasionally come with mismatched color selections.

The flair of colors and their amazing vibe can’t be discounted though. Every shade of color has a different visual and even psychological effect. That’s in addition to improving the mood and glam of any space.

If you’re planning on adding a touch of freshness to your office space, then you should check out this selection for the best green office chair.

The Top 5 Green Office Chairs Reviewed

There are tens of different shades and tones of green fabrics and materials. That’s why we made sure to include the basic greens in this list.

Moreover, if all greens look nice around your decorations, then you should focus on the different features of the chairs. There’s a wide variety of models here, so browse through, and choose the perfect green office chair! 

1.   Flash Furniture Swivel Task Office Chair

Flash Furniture has been in the market for over two decades. Their main focus is on quality, safety, and durability. At the same time, their products are fairly priced. It’s not surprising then that these chairs are highly popular.

The minimalistic design of this chair, together with its compact size, make it the perfect solution for offices in tight spaces.    

The Best Features

  • Available in apple green and bright green
  • Easy height adjustment with pneumatic lever
  • Easy to assemble
  • Well-designed back support

Room For Improvement

  • The color fades a little after a few months
  • Not too comfortable for heavy set folks
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2.   Bonzy Ergonomic Gaming Computer Chair

Most of us need to work with computers, and after a few hours, usually, our backs start complaining.

Gaming chairs are actually some of the best you can use if you have to spend long hours at the desk. They’re designed to offset the various stresses on the body from the neck to the toes! That’s why they’re becoming an absolute favorite nowadays.

The Bonzy Gaming chair is inspired by racecar chairs. Its contemporary design has the right neon green accents for an energetic active vibe. Thus you get a touch of glam, plus all the comfort a fully adjustable ergonomic chair can give you. 

The Best Features

  • Ergonomic design of every part
  • Extra comfort and a touch of luxury
  • High weight capacity of 360 pounds
  • Back angle adjustable from 90-170 degrees
  • Seat height adjustable
  • Wide richly padded seat cushion
  • Footrest can be attached or retracted
  • One-year warranty and free assembly parts exchange

Room For Improvement

  • Not too suitable for tall people
  • The assembly instructions are a bit hard to follow

3.   Modway Jive Executive Swivel Office Chair

The Modway Jive chair gives support, comfort, portability, and on top of all that, it has seriously good looks. This chair would brighten up your office space, and give it an instant stylish accent. It would fit neatly in both tight and open spaces, as its lines are neat and succinct.

If elegance and aesthetics are your primary goals, then the Modway Jive is for you. This chair doesn’t come cheap though, but it has some worthy perks.

The Best Features

  • Tall back for extra support
  • Ribbed padding for comfort
  • Versatile usage as desk or conference room chair
  • Sturdy chrome-aluminum frame
  • Vibrant bright green color 

Room For Improvement

  • Weight capacity is around 330 pounds
  • The armrests are a bit slim
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4.   Freemax velvet Swivel Desk Chairs

The Freemax chair is a total shift in style from the previous options. It’s a velvet classic that you can place in a totally retro setting or modern/classic fusion.

The deep green would be amazing with dark wood floors and furniture. And if you’re a bit more adventurous, let it be the touch of color around gold or black surroundings.

The Best Features

  • Rich velvet texture
  • Body-hugging design
  • Lush padding for comfort
  • Ample seating space
  • Back tilt
  • Adjustable height
  • Certified quality assurance

Room For Improvement

  • Weight capacity 265 pounds
  • The armrests might be a bit high for some desks

5.   NOUHAUS Palette Ergonomic Office Chair

The NOUHAUS is a heavy-duty office chair that provides tons of comfort. It’s designed to support the various parts of the body, in addition to providing maximum comfort.

On top of that, you can optimize the various components for your body type and seating preferences.  

The pale green tones would be amazing in a Scandi or Japandi scheme. Any white spaces, or light-colored woods, would be great backgrounds for this cute chair. Add a few plants, and your room would look like heaven. 

The Best Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Fully adjustable
  • Strong 5-point base
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Easy to assemble

Room For Improvement

  • Suitable for petite stature only, as the weight capacity is 240 pounds
green office chairs by desks

How to Choose the Right Office Chair to Match Your Decor

Shopping for new things should always be fun!

Making smart choices pays off in both the short and long runs. Thus, we put together a checklist that would help you in selecting the right office chair.

  1. Color tones can be tricky sometimes. What appears to be a good match in a LED-lit room, might look different under natural light. Try to imagine the various light effects on the chair before making a commitment.
  2. Size matters! If all greens are good in your space, then move on to the next important point, which is the area of your room and desk space.
  3. Working on the desk for a couple of hours isn’t like spending ten hours on a chair, each day, every day. Ergonomics become an absolute necessity here. 
  4. Our bodies are very different, and we all have individual seating preferences. The right chair should match your height, weight, and comfortable seating positions.
  5. Fully adjustable chairs are often better than the ones with limited dynamics. If you’ve ever used a gaming chair, you’d relate to that!

In Conclusion

All the items on this list are great choices for a green office chair. They’re all comfortable, stylish, and moderately priced.

If you’re wondering what we would recommend, well, the top spot would easily go to the Bonzy Ergonomic Gaming Computer Chair. It provides the best features across the board. Especially, if you need to put in long hours at your desk. 

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